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Code of Conduct

The CHTN is committed to treating all individuals, including investigators, patients, coworkers and all staff with courtesy, respect and dignity. CHTN personnel will conduct themselves in a professional and collegial manner at all times. Personnel should be fair and principled in business transactions and other related professional activities, acting in good faith when dealing with both internal constituents and external entities. All CHTN personnel have every reasonable expectation to receive a similar and respectful standard of conduct in return from CHTN investigators and their staff. Interactions that are inconsistent with this code of conduct will not be tolerated, and services from the CHTN may be terminated.

Unprofessional or inappropriate behavior will be brought to the attention of a CHTN Principal Investigator (PI)* and actions will be administered consistent and appropriate to the level of the offense. The CHTN PI will apply local institutional codes of conduct as applicable to the situation.

*This may be done in the setting of a committee call, email or personal communication.