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Requesting Samples

In order to receive CHTN biospecimens, investigators must submit a completed CHTN application and CHTN request information form.

A completed application will include the following:

  • Contact information
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Project abstract
  • Project funding information
  • Detailed request information
  • Copy of his/her Institutional Review Board's (IRB) letter of approval and/or exemption
  • Signed copy of the Agreement for the Use of Tissue
  • Signed copy of the Data Use Agreement

Once all of the required documentation is provided, a surgical pathologist will review your requests to determine feasibility. The CHTN seeks to provide tissues to the widest group of investigators practicable. In this regard no investigator should expect to have access to unlimited numbers of malignant specimens of one type.

The CHTN makes every effort to tailor our services to the needs of each investigator. It is advisable to discuss your request(s) with the CHTN to ensure the best results. The CHTN can provide information about the availability of services, help refine requests, ensure access to the greatest number of suitable biospecimens and provide guidance through the application process. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your request with the CHTN or have any other questions. The CHTN Central Coordinator will respond to your query in a timely manner. Begin by requesting samples with our CHTN Application.